MkrShakr Robot Bartender Tony mixt cocktails.

2023-10-09 – food

Reference(s): MakrShakr

Toni is een initiatief van MakShakr en wordt ingezet voor het mixen van cocktails.

Toni wordt onder andere ingezet bij Robo Bar in Amsterdam, Karlovy Lazne in Praag en Tipse Robot in Las Vegas. Waar de robot 500 cocktails per nacht kan serveren.

Tekst uit het persstatement / van de website: Makr Shakr’s goals are clearly ingrained in its name. “Maker” (stylized as “Makr”) references the broader culture which embraces open-source production processes and digital fabrication; “Shaker” (stylized as “Shakr”) hints at one of the essential tools in mixology, and more importantly, the potential of robotics in changing the landscape of the industry. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has revealed new possibilities to better the way we live.

credit of the feature and article image: MakrShakr (

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